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Big Sphere 1000 Lumen E27 Filament LED

Big Sphere 1000 Lumen E27 Filament LED

21.99 €
VAT included


LEDbyLED bulbs establish the return of the aesthetic purity and elegance, now finally married with LED technology.
Using the extraordinary innovation "FILAMENT LED" has managed to combine the lowest possible energy consumption to beauty of form; the utmost attention to the environment (thanks to the presence of very few polluting materials and to the absence of gas), the practicality of immediate ignition without latency times to reach full brightness.
LEDbyLED bulbs give off a warm light and relaxing to 2700K despite the use of LEDs and light up with style your room at 360 °.
They are also guaranteed to last up to 10 years * so generating a further saving in addition to the reduced consumption of electricity.
LEDbyLED is the right choice to save money by helping the environment.
A new age of enlightenment has begun!

* As calculated for an average use of 5,5 hours a day


Model E2710WBBC
Glass bulb
Power 10W
Color Temperature 2700K (warm light)
Lumens 1.100lm
Mercury free
Indoor use only
Keep away from heat sources
Annual savings € 54.90 (8 hours a day at an average cost of 0.21 € kWh)
Annual savings CO2 10,3Kg (8 hours a day with a saving of 0,44g / Wh)


Plug E27
Input power 220V - 240V/50Hz
Dimensions ø 125mm H 180mm
Do not use with dimmers


1 bulb LEDbyLED Big Sphere 10W

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